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Leverage (Season 3, Episode 5): The Double-Blind Job

The most adorable two. Yes, I am distracting myself from work with one of my favorite OTPs in the world.

Anonymous said: I love the way the relationship between Parker and Hardison developed; slowly and naturally. Like it could have been real life. Music is a wonderful way to get people together; it has been such a part of my life, love and memories. Questions, please? What is the song in Reunion Job when Parker and Hardison dance? What is the song Hardison hums when he and Parker dance in Queen's Gambit Job? I find myself humming and it makes me smile, but I'd like to know what it is that I'm humming. Thanx!

Hello! Yes the way their relationship progressed was wonderful. Considering their pasts it wasn’t just something they rushed into.

As for your questions for the songs, I’m not 100% positive if they’re actual songs or arranged for the episode. It actually makes me sort of sad honestly because they’re lovely songs!

Does anyone else have any ideas of what the songs could be?

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"I think I’m having feelings for… pretzels.”

"Well, ‘the pretzels’ are right here. Whenever you want them."


I miss pretzels…


I miss pretzels…

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Parker: This isn’t just an adoption scam.

Hardison: I know. I already called Nate.

Parker: These are arms dealers, and they’re using the orphanage for cover.

Hardison: I already called Nate. Now, look, we can go over this with the others back at the hotel.

Parker: We have to bail.

Hardison: No. no, no, no. What about Luca and the others? We can’t leave them like that.

Parker: Why not?

Hardison: You don’t mean that.

Parker: You think this is the only crappy orphanage in this place? This is a country full of orphans, okay? We can’t save them all.

Hardison: No, but we can save this one. Parker, we can — we can save this one. Look, I know growing up was tough. I-I know that you — you grew up in the system. It was — it was bad. I know. It was, it was worse than bad, but that doesn’t mean that all foster parents are monsters. Mine wasn’t.

Parker: You grew up with your grandmother.

Hardison: We called her “nana,” but she was our foster mom. She, uh… she — she would cuss like a sailor. The old girl would tan your ass just as soon as look at you. But — but she fed us, she bathed us, she put a roof over our head. And, oh, she would raise hell if you so much as looked at us crooked.

Parker: Yeah?

Hardison: Yeah.

Parker: Well, you were lucky. No. We’ll put these kids in the system, and odds are, they’re gonna — they’re gonna… they’re gonna turn out like me.

Hardison: I like how you turned out.


The Second David Job


The Second David Job


Fangirl Challenge: [9/10] Relationships » Alec Hardison & Parker
"I think that, maybe, I might be having feelings..."


 for #Pardison ( #Leverage Fandoms @BethRiesgraf and @Aldis Hodge ) One of my favorite pieces I think I have ever done


 for #Pardison ( #Leverage Fandoms @BethRiesgraf and @Aldis Hodge ) One of my favorite pieces I think I have ever done

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Parker + Hardison → Season 4

Hardison, you have to make it through this because… because you’re my friend, and I need you. Do you hear me, Alec? I need you!

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