Monday, October 21, 2013


"I think I’m having feelings for… pretzels.”

"Well, ‘the pretzels’ are right here. Whenever you want them."


I miss pretzels…


I miss pretzels…

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Parker: This isn’t just an adoption scam.

Hardison: I know. I already called Nate.

Parker: These are arms dealers, and they’re using the orphanage for cover.

Hardison: I already called Nate. Now, look, we can go over this with the others back at the hotel.

Parker: We have to bail.

Hardison: No. no, no, no. What about Luca and the others? We can’t leave them like that.

Parker: Why not?

Hardison: You don’t mean that.

Parker: You think this is the only crappy orphanage in this place? This is a country full of orphans, okay? We can’t save them all.

Hardison: No, but we can save this one. Parker, we can — we can save this one. Look, I know growing up was tough. I-I know that you — you grew up in the system. It was — it was bad. I know. It was, it was worse than bad, but that doesn’t mean that all foster parents are monsters. Mine wasn’t.

Parker: You grew up with your grandmother.

Hardison: We called her “nana,” but she was our foster mom. She, uh… she — she would cuss like a sailor. The old girl would tan your ass just as soon as look at you. But — but she fed us, she bathed us, she put a roof over our head. And, oh, she would raise hell if you so much as looked at us crooked.

Parker: Yeah?

Hardison: Yeah.

Parker: Well, you were lucky. No. We’ll put these kids in the system, and odds are, they’re gonna — they’re gonna… they’re gonna turn out like me.

Hardison: I like how you turned out.


The Second David Job


The Second David Job


Fangirl Challenge: [9/10] Relationships » Alec Hardison & Parker
"I think that, maybe, I might be having feelings..."


 for #Pardison ( #Leverage Fandoms @BethRiesgraf and @Aldis Hodge ) One of my favorite pieces I think I have ever done


 for #Pardison ( #Leverage Fandoms @BethRiesgraf and @Aldis Hodge ) One of my favorite pieces I think I have ever done

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Parker + Hardison → Season 4

Hardison, you have to make it through this because… because you’re my friend, and I need you. Do you hear me, Alec? I need you!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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“No! Hardison!” “What? Parker, what?” “Nate, I’m hit. Hardison fell. He broke his leg. And he’s all smashed up inside.” “Okay, get to the alley.” “I can… here, put your… I can… I can get him out through the loading dock.” “Just, please, get to the alley.” “Okay. You’re okay. I got you. I got you. I got you.”

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if Parker wants snow, you give her snow. no excuse. after all, all you need is this low pressure system from Canada to come down & bring the blast of cold air precipitation.


favorite real life friendships

aldis hodge & beth riesgraf

[Favorite Ships Parker & Hardison

“You have me. And I got you. I got you, girl.”